Narges Roozafzay

Department of Health Promotion, Mother and Child care, Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties


Cellular and Molecular Oncology Laboratory


Ph.D Student

Narges Roozafzay obtained her Bachelor degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology-Biochemistry. She finished her master education in Biology-Biochemistry in Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch. Due to being in the top-three students in the undergraduate program with high range scores and of course high grade point average (GPA), she could continually go straight to the next level of education, master’s degree.

She did her dissertation in one of the best research centers in her country, Pasteur Institute of Iran. Her thesis in master degree was on evaluating hemophilia A patients with a novel molecular method, Inverse Shifting PCR, for the detection of Inversion mutation in them. Her interest in studying and doing research provoked her to develop her education to the PhD degree. She would like to do her PhD project in a different but relevant field rather than the previous one and she is keen on having knowledge and experience in several fields. So, she is studying molecular and clinical medicine as a PhD student in the University of Palermo in the Cellular and Molecular Oncology Laboratory (CMOL) under the supervision of professor Giorgio Stassi in 2020.

Selected publications

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